clamageran expositions
is your one stop exhibition logistics solution

Clamageran Expositions is a global logistics specialist leading in international and domestic trade shows, events and congresses in France as well as arranging any domestic and international freighting requirements.

With over five decades of handling exhibition freight, dealing with customs requirements as customs broker and arranging transportation worldwide, Clamageran Expositions really is your one stop exhibition logistics solution.

Every year Clamageran Exposition’s experienced trade show team handles over six hundred trade shows, exhibitions, and congresses. These events range in size from the Word’s greatest Aerospace Show (Paris International Air show) to small private company events. Our expertise in the industry allows us to handle many of these events simultaneously within France as well as outside of the country.

Clamageran Expositions has permanent offices inside all major exhibition venues in France … further proof that exhibition logistics is part of our company foundation as well as our core values. We think, deal with, and manage exhibition logistics all year long from the peak trade show seasons to lower periods.

Exhibition logistics is a reality with Clamageran Expositions, we live with and for your future trade shows and events. Challenge us and give us the opportunity to deliver Clamageran Expositions all in one total logistic service difference.

Clamageran Expositions, 45 years of dedication to the global logistics industry

Transport – Customs brokerage – On site handling assistance:

Clamageran Expositions is your “ONE STOP SHOP” for dedicated service by logistics experts with an ambition to provide optimum solutions to all of your trade show needs