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(Certification under AEOC and AEOS/Customs & Security)

Clamageran is quality certified Full AEO certification on December 15th, 2010 after the structure has been put in place on January 1st, 2008.

AEO Certification n° FR00000582

As said by French Customs Head-Management in August 2008:

“AEO status is similar to a quality label, granted by customs authorities and it offers your firm easier access to many simplifications provided for the customs rules. What do we ask in return? Assurance that we can rely on you – particularly in terms of the safety of your entity of production, your financial solvency and a good track record of compliance with regulations. “

The registration covers the Quality Management System for customs brokerage, local and international freight forwarding.

The services provided include import and export seafreight and airfreight, warehousing / distribution, packing and unpacking of containers, customs clearance, tariff consultancy, removal services, fairs and exhibition services, heavy lifts, special transport and chartering (air and sea) and logistics services.

European Union Standards are performing regular audits to check that the policies and procedures in place are being efficiently used to monitor and maintain the highest performance standards. Each step along the logistics & supply chain is documented by procedures, each staff member is trained accordingly and respective forms will need to be completed. The monitoring of the quality systems also includes technologies such as computerized worldwide tracking and tracing capabilities.


Since April 30th, 2015 Clamageran Expositions is certified ISO 20121: 2012 (Certificate n° SEMS 630265) and operates a Sustainability Management System for Events with the requirements of ISO 20121 : 2012 for the following scopes :

Transportation, handling, storage of materials, customs for participants in fairs and other events.

Why ?

  • To improve the well being of our staff
  • To better control our costs
  • To better control the environmental impacts related to our activity
  • To Strengthen our relations with organizers

Our Certification ISO 20121 is to maintain our leading position but also to be a reference and pass on a necessary legacy for the entire industry.

Benefit ?

This certification allowed us to unite and empower our team around a meaningful and ambitious project.


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  • An action plan in relation to our profession and our constraints
  • Training our staff to the Eco-driving
  • A gradual replacement of our fleet of forklift trucks emitting fine particles
  • Shipment consolidation at Clamageran warehouses in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • An awareness of all players in the event sector including : organizers, suppliers and service providers with whom we have established a charter for responsible purchasing.
  • Responsible Purchasing Approach
      (Innovate and responsible purchasing)
  • Optimize waste management and reduce carbon footprint
  • Ensure Well-being in the workplace