exhibition freight forwarding

Leading Exhibition Logistics in France for over four-decades,

we work with every carrier (Airline – Sea shipping line – Trucker) to ensure that your exhibit moves on the best and optimal way possible to the final destination.

Clamageran Expositions can arrange collection from any location around the globe, dealing with our expert partners in exhibition logistics worldwide.

If you plan to attend an International trade show in France or Overseas and display your exhibits, we strongly recommend you to use a logistics specialist such as Clamageran Expositions.

Our sales and operations teams will assist you during the entire shipping process and provide you with the highest level of customer service to ensure the trouble-free movement of your exhibits.

After receiving shipment details and establishing an arrival deadline at destination (based on smooth customs clearance and handling), Clamageran‘s logistics experts will liaise with ocean shipping lines, airlines, and trucking lines to advise the best, shipping method for on time arrival at destination. In addition they will arrange the documentation, case marking, customs formalities, payment of freight charges, handling charges from arrival port up to delivery to booth at the show and the the return to country of origin or transfer to another show in another country.

For import trade shows in France, Clamageran Expositions acts also as a lifting company providing all on site lifting assistance from delivery to the booth with forklifts and labour as well as the collection, storage and return of empties at the completion of the show and outbound on site handling.

For export trade shows, we provide on site assistance to all French exhibitor’s attending shows in Europe and Overseas and liaise with country of destination import agent regarding all import regulations for temporary import and export at the completion of the event as well as re-forwarding of exhibits.

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