CLAMAGERAN EXPOSITIONS (from the former name CLAMAGERAN GROUP founded in 1888) has gained all the Benefits of over a century’s experience in International trading.

IN 1970 as the requirements of trade shows became more specialized, the founder of Clamageran Expositions, MR PHILIPPE CLAMAGERAN realized the need to create a division dedicated exclusively to the exhibition industry in Paris and throughout France. Over the years, as the demand for specialized logistics grew, this division became its own company known today as Clamageran Expositions.

CLAMAGERAN EXPOSITIONS has over thirty permanent full-time multi-lingual staff devoted to domestic and International trade shows throughout France and abroad. During peak trade show periods, this number increases to over a hundred..

CLAMAGERAN EXPOSITIONS has its own extensive fleet of trucks, trailers, vans and lifting equipment (as forklifts – crane – cherry picker).

AS THE NUMBER ONE FRENCH EXHIBITION FREIGHT FORWARDER AND ON SITE HANDLING CONTRACTOR, CLAMAGERAN EXPOSITIONS is well-known as one of the most trusted, reputable and devoted companies in the trade show logistics industry worldwide.

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